Camil Touil of  Pineapple Productions

Interview By Te’Shawn Crenshaw for Splatlife Media

The owner and operator of the continuous uprising Pineapple Productions based out of Montreal, Canada. I touched base with Camil to get a better understanding how this endeavor started and how he is able to stack footage around the globe to cover the the biggest paintball leagues known (NXL, Millennium, and CXBL series).

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Splatlife: So you’re the owner and creator of pineapple productions correct?

Camil: I’m the owner, the brand was actually founded by my older brother almost 10 years ago.

Splatlife: Really! Where is your brother now? That’s new news to me.

Camil: He still lives in our hometown (Montreal, Canada) where he’s studying in Computer Science and doing non-paintball photography/videography work. He had to quit playing and shooting paintball a few years back when he got all his gear stolen at World Cup.

Splatlife: What keeps Pineapple Productions running so well and covering both NXL and Millennium events? That’s pretty good.

Camil: We’re actually running on a super tight budget this year. I took advantage of my move to Italy to start covering the Millennium events through (Montreal) Image about 2-3 years ago, got some decent exposure, and from there decided to go all-in on Pineapple with Yan (which I met around that time through the HK Mashup Contest) and now we’re here.

Splatlife: So Yanick (Villeneuve) was in the contest also and now covers the NXL while you’re in Italy covering Millennium events, the one place I want to find my future girlfriend, that’s awesome. How do you like Italy?

Camil: Yeah, Yanick ended up being one of the contest’s final 5, that’s how I noticed him! And he’s taking care of NXL and CXBL events, and I’m taking care of Millennium’s and some of the NXL-we did Vegas together, and I’ll be in Cleveland and WC as well.

Italy is super cool! Life is treating me very well here, I meet lots of people from all over the globe, I get to visit the biggest designer’s studios and showrooms (for school), some insane museums, and it gives me a perfect base point to travel around Europe for paintball on top of that.

Splatlife: This is a question for people shoot photos and video and they simply want to know do you make a living doing this type of work?

Camil: I don’t haha, what you’re seeing right now is just the beginning of a pretty big project I’m working on, which will really start when I’m done with my studies. For now, I’m living on scholarships and my parent’s help, all of Pineapple’s revenue is put back in the brand. I guess that also answers your previous question about how the brand runs so well haha, we put everything we can back into it, and I’m even getting help from my brother that lends me lenses and gear every once in a while so that we don’t have to pay to rent gear.

Splatlife: It definitely does. So with Pineapple Productions on the come up even more now are more teams hitting you up to work with them lately?

Camil: More than we can handle unfortunately. We’ve had teams and brands from pretty much everywhere approaching us, and we’re approaching teams and brands from a little bit everywhere too when we have some project ideas. My latest one is a nice project with Frankfurt Syndicate (Pro German team in Millennium) that hopefully I’ll get to push further at the second Millennium event.

Splatlife: You’re up to you neck in work! There’s never a day I don’t see you working, especially when traveling no matter where you are something with paintball is going on. You think you’ll be able to add in extra hands to help with such a high demand?

Camil: A few extra hands would be more than welcome, but at least we have a few extra people that come to help when we need them, some from Image or our other sponsored teams, some that are not players/paintballers but that are skilled in specific fields that we need. Like I told you I’m not trying to grow it faster than it should, I’d rather keep it like it is until I’m done with my studies, and from then I’ll push my ideas as far as I can, bring more people in etc…

Splatlife: Nice. As they say, “Slow and steady wins the race.” It’s definitely better to take your time than slowly kill off the business, you guys do great work. Is there anyone you’d like to shout out or thank?

Camil: Yeah actually, I’d like to thank literally everyone in the paintball community, from you, to every person that watched a video from us, all the brands that supported us and that still support us, all of you guys are the reason we travel, why we make all those videos and why we work so hard!