It’s obvious saying “no risk, no reward”, and with that you’re not quite sure what the reward is because of what you may be risking. The ideas of what the “goal” is in the situation can be short or long term, that’s about all you know. Maybe, exhausting every option until you get an exact answer could make it succeed or fail. That’s exactly what paintball is to me on and off the field. You are definitely risking something you may not be aware of. This sport is very cautious, it can make you or break you. It is all true and we know it. It’s all we think about. Over paintball, maybe you could be risking a relationship, finances, chronic pain, or most commonly a job. It all can get personal real quick, so we ride the line. Some may not show it at all, but listen to some stories about hanging by a thread just to get through life. Some do drastic things to enjoy themselves. No matter what you do there is a way. A lot of us see this as our way out. A lot of us don’t have the perfect situation to keep doing this and we do it anyway. No matter what we’re dealing with, when our feet hit the ground where we all meet, it’s all left at the gate. At the end of the day, we’re all trying to better ourselves, better our lives, and better each other. Most of us fail or fall short but we do it anyway. After it’s all over, you’re back to your normal lives where you’re no hero, where none of that matters, thinking of another way to tell your boss why you need Thursday and possibly Monday off from the month after this. “Again?”, he says. You nod while deep in thought on what bills you need to catch up on or how you’ll make this work. We all think in a similar fashion, because when you fail you filter out what it takes to not repeat it. I want to be better as a whole, I want to be better for me.