Jessica Maiolo of Texas Phalanx

If you haven’t seen her skills before, you will now! The female prodigy has been killing it on the snake side this season with her team Texas Phalanx, a program owned and operated by Tim Peters that has divisions three through five all competing in the NXL and AXBL (now USXBL). The team she plays on in D5 have taken first in the 2016 season of the NXL for the D500 format three times. Jessica was the newest addition to the team early in the season and definitely put her skills to use at the Great Lakes Open event in Cleveland. She earned herself the award for “Best Move Of The Event”, which was a part of the highlight reel in the D500 finals on the Go Sports webcast. With more women competing in paintball, Jessica is  a prime example that being aggressive isn’t just for men and she’s dedicated enough to show that she’s got what it takes.

 Photos By: Marcos Barradas and Gary Baum

Splatlife: What’s it like to play for Texas Phalanx?

Jessica: It’s really great. I was instantly welcomed and they’ve become my second family. My paintball skills have improved (even though there is no limit and I still have so much more to learn), and has eased anxiety while on the field.

Splatlife: How long have you been with the team?

Jessica: I officially joined around the end of July 2016, but played a D4 Xball tournament with them as BarLine in May 2016.

Splatlife: Do you play more of the AXBL (now USXBL) or NXL events? I see the team winning D5 in both events.

Jessica: The NTXL and USXBL were my first, or local events I have played with them. NXL Cleveland was my very first event with them as a team member. We are currently holding the 1st place title for NXL d500, and we will be playing at World Cup coming up in November.

Splatlife: You guys are killing it. I better ask now, who teaches you guys to play so consistently and what field to you play out of?

Jessica: We have a very experienced, and awesome coach Tim Peters who is able to successfully teach us the best plays, and coach us through drills and scrimmages. We practice out of Cousin’s Paintball Dallas (Forney).

Splatlife: I’ll ask this, what is it that makes your team to play consistently to podium so often?

Jessica: Practice and communication for sure. We all just click so well together and it definitely helps to get along well with your team members. Some of us also go out and practice up to four times a week to stay on top of the game.

Splatlife: Have you ever talked about paintball at work or anyone ask you about what you do for fun?

Jessica: Oh gosh. Every time I go out and try to make friends with ‘non-paintball people’ they always are intrigued and want to know more. I feel like it’s all I talk about sometimes haha. Even when I work with my clients they always ask me how practice or tournament was that weekend.

Splatlife: You every show the video of your move playing in the finals that was in the NXL? That was a good one by the way to take “Best Move of the Event”award .


Jessica: Yes occasionally, and thank you!–mainly because it’s one of the only ones I have of me actually playing. If someone’s curious I’ll usually show them a videos from YouTube that are uploaded first.

Splatlife: What position do you play on the field?

Jessica: Typically I’m a snake player because of my size. I have played the Doritos in previous events prior, though. It’s always good to be as versatile as a player as you can!

Splatlife: Which side do you like the most?

Jessica: I’ll have to say the snake side as the “1” (front snake or first attacker).


Splatlife: You stand out from most girls out there on the field, you’re aggressive! Have you always played that way?

Jessica: I was never completely “timid” on the field so to speak; but when I first started in 2007, I actually played back. As my learning progressed, so did my aggression and it will only get better!

Splatlife: You’ve definitely got the tenacity, I hope you go far.

Jessica: Thank you!

Splatlife: How did you start playing tournament paintball?

Jessica: I had dated this guy in high school who always ditched me to go play woodsball. Once we broke up, my B.F.F. would ask me to go and watch her boyfriend’s speedball practice with her so she wouldn’t be ‘bored’. At the field after asking several times for us to come try it, I reluctantly did. I guess I did well enough for them to ask me to be on the team… I’ve been playing ever since!


Splatlife: Wow that’s an awesome story. What makes it even cooler is he played woodsball and you made it on a speedball team, you just put yourself ahead of the him!

Jessica: I remember in ACTS series if you podium your team photo goes in APG magazine (Action Pursuit Games). We made it in there and I remember I brought it to school and our mutual friend showed him and he crumpled it up, he was so jealous. If he knew I still played he’s probably be angry.

Splatlife: What keeps you playing paintball?

Jessica: It keeps me sane. It’s my break from reality and gives a good adrenaline rush.

Splatlife: What advice do you think you could offer that you’ve learned in paintball?

Jessica: I’ve learned to never give up and that good things take time with the proper practice and determination.

Splatlife: Is there anyone you’d like to thank before we end it?

Jessica: I like to thank God first for allowing me to do this, my coach, teammates, friends, and sponsors. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am now.