Jordan Kholer of Project Mayhem

Jordan is an awesome kid I recognized through iPhone video from Phil Shredder ((LA Infamous) and the recent Winter Classic Combine in Florida by the NXL and Boston Paintball. This young protégé is a local at the O’hare Paintball Park  and has the best opportunity to grow and train with some of the best in the area. I must remind you he’s only thirteen and he’s already showing great skill for his age, he’s impressed Scott Kemp at the Combine. With the continued guidance and help from his very supportive parents, Jordan will continue to grow. Keep an eye out for young Jordan Kholer, he may be a force to reckon with on the field sooner than you think!


Photos by 117 Media and HeadCheckPhoto

T: Thank you for taking time to interview with My Paintball Life, Jordan. What’s it like for you to get to travel and play paintball at 13?
Jordan: Playing paintball and traveling all over the country is actually crazy. I love being able to go on vacation every few weeks, and it’s great for my family because they get to go on vacation when they see me play.
T: How did you get started playing paintball?

Jordan: When I was 11, for my birthday in May of 2014, my aunt gave me a gift certificate for open play at CPX in Joliet, Illinois. So me and a couple friends went to go to play woodsball and I really ended up liking it. So I started going a couple more times until winter. When I wanted to play again in the winter, we found out about O’hare Paintball in Bensenville, IL., (now in Palatine, IL). After my first couple times playing there, I started playing with my first team.

T: Who do you look up to in paintball? 
Jordan: I definitely look up to many people, but my main role models are Ronnie Dizon, Phil Shredder and Rich Telford.
T: Does your friends know you play paintball with guys in your area that play at the professional level?

Jordan: Well, my close friends know basically that I travel for paintball, and I play competitively which they think is pretty cool. Most kids at my school just think that I play recball or woodsball. I usually only tell my close friends about my teams and events.

T: What team do you play with, how long have you been playing tournament paintball, and do you play regional or national events?

Jordan: I play with Project Mayhem out of O’Hare Paintball Park, in Palatine, IL; I have been playing tournament paintball in NXL events for one full season, I have been playing local and regional events since May of 2015 (CPL, MWXL, MILP).

T:  What position do you play on the field?
Jordan: I play front dorito – I used to play snake alot more, but I like D-side more because I like to play on my feet and move around.
T: How often to you get to practice with Phil Shredder? What has he taught you and does he make you work out like him? 
Jordan: I try to work out with Phil on Wednesdays at his UFC gym in Lombard, where we do conditioning, paintball drills and other cool drills.  He has taught me a lot about paintball, fitness, and he tells me all about playing with Infamous, how they practice and play.  When it comes to working out with him, sometimes he will make me work out like he does – but then I am usually sore for a while.
T: What is your favorite drill or workout you get to do with Phil?
Jordan: I don’t have a favorite drill that I do with Phil, but I like doing agility and speed drills, snap-shooting drills, and other paintball related drills.
T: Preparing for the Winter Classic in Florida for the first time ever how did you feel and what were your expectations?
Jordan: Well, I was very excited but I wasn’t very nervous.  I was not expecting the field to be so nice, and was wasn’t expecting all the pros to be watching me. Since it was my first combine, I really did not know what to expect.  But I am definitely looking forward to the next one!
T: How do you think you did in front of the pros and the players you’ve played against? I told a couple of the pros to look out for you! I saw you playing live on Facebook, that’s awesome!
Jordan: Yeah, thanks, I think I did pretty good, but knowing that pros and scouts were watching, I really had to turn up.  But the best thing for sure was the pros telling me that they liked watching me and giving me tips and advice.
T: What do you want to work on in the 2017 season and do you have any goals?
Jordan: I want to work on off the break shooting and getting my lanes on point because they are not very sharp right now.  My main goal overall is to play professionally by age 16, but I do not have any more specific goals other than to win as many events as possible.
T: Is there any advice you would like to tell people? Maybe a favorite quote, something you’ve learned or advice you’ve gotten.
Jordan: I have learned that you cant go anywhere in a sport like paintball unless you put in the time on the field doing drills like snap-shooting, laning etc.  Also, don’t hit the buzzer dirty.
T: Lastly, who would you like to thank? 
Jordan: First, I would like to thank all of Project Mayhem’s sponsors, O’Hare Paintball Park, my mom and dad, and my teammates.  Second, my earliest influences – Dan Moone, Michael Bane and Cory Lewis, and currently, Phil and Ronnie, and all of the pros at the combine.