Paul Miller of Denver Fury:

Interview by Te’Shawn Crenshaw for Splat Life Media

Paul Miller is most notably known for playing with Denver Fury out of Colorado and winning the first event of the 2001 NPPL in Denver, Colorado with Denver Fury. He is also the owner of Miller Chicago Dogs with his wife Heather Miller and one of my good friends who I’ve had a chance to win a tournament with. He ignited the fire for me to play tournament paintball again. Paul is an intelligent player who can make the game simple for anyone willing to play. When he first bought the location for Miller’s Chicago Dogs, in his off time he had a cart he took with him on the weekend at the paintball field making sure we all eat well while throwing little tips to players that never even knew he was in fact a pro player himself, don’t let the apron fool you. Paul Miller was willing to share his experience with me through his personal life and paintball life through this interview bringing his perspective from his longevity in paintball, enjoy.

Splatlife: Paul, how are you and how’s business?

Paul: Life is great, we have 6 kids, a busy home, and business is going great after opening in July last year we’ve increased every month.

Splatlife: Tell the audience about your history in paintball, who did you play for and how many years you’ve played?

Paul: I’ve played since the late 80’s starting with my home team, The Colorado Bounty Hunters, then Fury (both Pro and Div 1) for a long time, I’ve run and coached my own team for 6 years back in the 10 man days call Funktion, and was on the Avalanche roster for some time, never played an event with them but played with some of the greats. I managed fields in Colorado for years and have consulted to open many over the years.

Splatlife: What were the greatest moments of your paintball career?

Paul: Defiantly wining the Denver NPPL 2001 the first year it came to our state. We lost our first game of that event, and never lost another point after that. Beyond that it was the traveling and the people I have met at every event.

Splatlife: What were the lowest moments of your paintball career?

 Paul: Sometime in the early 90’s we played the NAASPA Nations at Hell Survivors as the Bounty Hunters it was me Scottie Flint(OG Avalanche Captain and Owner of Fury) and 3 of the best guys in the world. It was pissing rain and I couldn’t see and the opposing team got buy us winning the game. We went undefeated in the prelims and came in 4th place over all. It was a reminder that your only as good as your last point, that philosophy has served me well.

Splatlife: Who are a few people you miss playing with the most?

Paul: Scottie Flint, and all the Fury guys, also my guys from Funktion.

Splatlife: You have been making awesome food for a little while now, talk about Miller’s Chicago Dogs, how did that idea happen?

Paul: Truthfully I was tired of working in the restoration industry the hours are family killers working well over 80 hours a week at all times of day and night is exciting but hard on family. The restaurant came from a need to be grounded, and have something that my family can grow up in. We also wanted to give back to our community and we do that with partnering with local organizations and opening on Thanksgiving every year free of charge. Now I work 70 hours a week but when I get home its my time to spend with the family.

SplatlifeDid you ever see yourself owning your own little restaurant?


Paul: It was always a dream of Heather and I to own a diner or something. We owned a small custom bakery for several years so this was just the next step for us.

Splatlife: You have kids that you could literally start a team with probably some years from now, you think it could happen?

Paul: It would be my honor to have my kids want to play paintball and take it farther then I did, would love that. Matt the oldest is just now ready to play, the others are a few years away from the time. I would love to have a true Family team. Time will tell.

Splatlife: Would your wife be the head honcho?

Paul: Yes, should run the team if and when the time came. At that point she would be out numbered.

Splatlife: What would you tell players today wanting to come up and become a professional player now that you’ve gone through the different phases of paintball?

Paul: You dont have to the fastest, most in shape or killer on your team. You must be consistent in everything you do. The worlds best teams are consistent at the fundamentals and have stayed together over the long haul. Dont jump from team to team hoping for greener grass its rarely there and when it is; its mostly weeds anyway.

Splatlife: Any last words, shout outs, or mentions before we close?

Paul: I love this sport and miss it daily, I would like to be back someday time will tell. Shout our to all the older, slower, heaver guys/gals still holding it down and making plays. If paintball has shown me anything its that anyone can play and no one should be taken for granted.