Baystate Bandits Patrick O’Brien:

Photo By Sonsini Media

“Ten years of playing this game and explaining the extended time away from home is still not an easy task. Do you get paid? I didn’t know paintball had teams! Do you ever need an extra gunner? (Yes, for my Division 2 paintball team 😑)… Isn’t paintball for teenagers? Why do you miss work if you don’t get paid? Why do you miss family outings? Or my favorite, have you ever froze the paintballs? Let’s not forget the people who, “took paintball serious” with their Tippman’s. To be quite honest, it is hard to explain why I still do it. Maybe it’s the spec of hope where I may run out on that pro field as a world champ. Maybe, it’s to become a professional with my life long friends. Maybe, it’s for that look in the eye I give my teammate before a huge point. I seem to never reconsider my decisions I make, even after all the long flights home, pondering what went wrong. All of the missed calls and the times I have to tell my friends I can’t go out Friday or Saturday night. All of the money I’ve spent to continue to play and travel. I do it all for my undying love for the game. Here’s to another ten years.”